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Overwhelmed by Change?

Unexpected change can leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious about your financial situation.


Losing a spouse or parent can be one of the most difficult and overwhelming times in your life. Major life events like this can change your perception of money, and life itself. The ability to make wise decisions may be diminished initially when most needed, and often you don’t know where to start. You may feel unprepared and vulnerable.


Our goal is to help you adjust to your new reality, find answers, and partner with you to create clarity and peace of mind during this painful time in your life.

Linda’s” husband was diagnosed with cancer and died six months later.  Linda, a very accomplished professor, went into a complete tailspin and came to us for help. She was unable to focus or make decisions, and she was devastated by her loss.


We initially made a “to do” list of the most pressing items that needed to be handled, and helped her with her priorities. In addition, we reviewed her cash flow and expenses, filed for social security and pension benefits, and retitled her assets. Several months later, when she was emotionally ready, we developed a long-term game-plan that would sustain and protect her future.

"George" unexpectedly lost his parents in an accident, and he did not know where to turn. His parents were very private regarding their financial matters, and he was lost.



We helped him file for life insurance benefits, obtain death certificates, transfer their IRA's into a beneficiary IRA, and invest his inheritance wisely. George could grieve, knowing that his parent's legacy would endure. 

The SFG Way

We understand that change can be painful, and we are here to provide guidance and support in the next chapter of your life.
  • Allow you to move forward at your own pace and help you prioritize time-sensitive items.

  • Gather critical documents, collect insurance benefits, retitle assets, and change beneficiaries.

  • Answer your most important question- Am I going to be Ok?

  • Contact employer and government agencies

  • Work with your attorney.

  • When you are ready and feeling less emotionally vulnerable, determine your financial goals for your “new normal” and invest appropriately.

  • Share your journey as your financial partner and resource.

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