Financial Partnering with Healthcare Professionals

Here are some things we can’t do:

  • Diagnose cervical spinal stenosis

  • Perform a bicuspid endodontic fill

  • Properly execute a transtracheal jet ventilation

  • Perform a neurological assessment to test development of infants


…we will leave that up to you.


However, when it comes to your finances, we have the expertise to step in and help you get on the right track.  As trophy husbands of successful women in the medical profession, we have a unique understanding of the specific challenges that you face whether you are an ER resident, an attending pediatrician, or an established chiropractor.


One thing you all have in common are the years of training, dedication, demanding work schedules, and lack of time to focus on your financial well-being.


This is what we can do:


  • Help you determine the most efficient way to reduce your student loans

  • Act as your personal CFO, to remove the burden that you face regarding day to day business decisions in running your practice

  • Give advice on buying a home or a practice

  • Develop the right retirement plan for you and/or your employees

  • Manage your investments

  • Compare and recommend disability insurance protection best suited to your needs


It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.


Eleanor Roosevelt

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