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From Heidi's Desk

This past quarter has been one of the most historic, disturbing, and volatile three months in my memory. The ravages and uncertainty of the pandemic, the soaring unemployment, the gyrating global and US markets, and the large-scale civil unrest, has our country hurting on many different levels. These are certainly “trying and troubled times”, and we need a period of healing and calm. 

We are navigating uncharted territory, and this time of turmoil and disruption provides an excellent time to reflect on the state and welfare of ourselves, our family, and our society. Our goals at Strauss Financial Group are four-fold:

  • Stay healthy

  • Stay focused

  • Add additional value to our clients

  • Support our local community through philanthropic donations

We have almost completed our move to our new custodian, Fidelity Investments, and I would like to personally thank you for sending the paperwork back in such a timely manner. It has been a monumental job to transfer 550 accounts! A big thank you to Taylor and Lauren for the incredible effort while having to learn a new Fidelity system, maintain their day to d

ay work routine, and adapt to working at home for several weeks.

 I am also honored to have been named for the second year, “Who’s Who in Banking and Finance” by the Birmingham Business Journal. I love what I do, and we are all blessed to be working with such wonderful and loyal clients.

While the pandemic is altering aspects of our daily lives, a few new ( and improved) norms may emerge. Despite the uncertainties that lie ahead, we must all recognize the unique period we are in, take a breath, and keep calm and carry on. This is a time to cherish what we have- our health, our community, our friends, and our loved ones.

Wishing you and your family a healthy and peaceful summer,

Heidi Strauss



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