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Heidi's Hints

Life can be turned upside down by natural disasters, and with Hurricane Florence still in our minds, emergency preparedness is a timely topic! Planning and good communication are key to staying safe and knowing what to do when disaster strikes. Since emergencies happen when you are least expecting it – be ready! Here are a few tips every family can use:

  1. Plan for specific risks, such as power outages, storms, floods, etc.

  2. Make sure to have a family plan in place and practice the plan.

  3. Have all important contact numbers memorized or accessible and know how to reach each other if separated!

  4. Take a basic first aid and CPR class.

  5. Keep family records in a water and fire-proof container. If you do not have one – use your dishwasher as a last resort.

  6. Have an emergency kit in your car and assemble supplies that you might need in an evacuation or a power outage. A few items to include are: water, non-perishable food, canned goods, non-electric can opener, rain gear, flashlight, battery-powered radio, cash, credit cards, and medication (not exclusive).

  7. Know your evacuation route and when told to evacuate, do so!!Keep your gas tank filled and don’t forget your pets.

  8. Sign up for emergency alerts via cell phone and talk to your children’s schools and your employer to see what actions will be taken in the event of an emergency.

  9. Stay calm and don’t panic!


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