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2019 is officially here and with it comes the age-old New Year’s Resolutions. Forty-four percent of Americans say they will take on a new resolution this year.

I saw this published today in Forbes and chose some of my favorites from the 57 resolves that were written down by B.C. Forbes, the founding editor of Forbes. Almost a century after he wrote them, they still are wise words and worth aspiring to.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year! - Heidi

The following text appeared in the Dec. 29, 1919 issue of Forbes with the headline "Resolutions For 1920" in B.C. Forbes' column.

I resolve…

To strive to contribute something to the world, its work and the people in it.

To bestir myself more energetically to achieve, and to fret less about reward.

To adhere, the best I can, to the Golden Rule, both in business and in social life.

To go about my activities with greater cheerfulness.

To be more considerate of others.

To be a good team worker.

To commend more and condemn less.

I resolve ...

To form a more definite, clear-cut purpose in life.

To squander less vitality, less time, less money.

To exercise more self-control, more self-reliance, more unselfishness.

To philosophize more, recalling always, when things go more than usually awry, "This, too, will pass."

To look up at the heavens oftener.

To find more joy in the out-of-doors.

To take a longer-range view of life and living.

To realize how little, I really deserve.

To recognize how much I really have.

I resolve …

To talk less and do more.

To try always to see other viewpoints than my own.

To have faith in myself and never for a moment doubt my ability to do the thing I want to do.

To sit down, all by myself, and take a personal stock-taking at least once a month.

To face the facts candidly and courageously.

To not be discouraged by past failures.

To bestow more thought on my duties of citizenship.


I resolve to clip out these resolutions and re-read them at my monthly stock-taking.





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