Heidi's Hints

2020 has arrived, and with it comes a time to take stock of the past year and prepare to achieve your goals, recharge, and refocus.

I am again going to post “Resolutions for 1920”, which appeared in the December 29, 1919 issue of Forbes. I chose 17 of my favorite resolutions since they are so timeless and pertinent to our lives today!

I resolve…

  • To strive to contribute something to the world, its work, and the people in it.

  • To bestir myself more energetically to achieve, and to fret less about reward.

  • To adhere, the best I can, to the Golden Rule, both in business and in social life.

  • To be more considerate of others.

  • To be a good team worker.

  • To commend more and condemn less.

I resolve

  • To form a more definitive, clear- cut purpose in life.

  • To exercise more self-control, more self-reliance, more unselfishness.

  • To look up at the heavens oftener.

  • To find joy in the out-of-doors.

  • To take a longer-range view of life and living.

  • To recognize how much I really have.

I resolve

  • To talk less and do more.

  • To try always to see other viewpoints than my own.

  • To have faith in myself and never for a moment, doubt my ability to do the thing I want to do.

  • To not be discouraged by past failures.

  • To bestow more thought on my duties of citizenship.

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