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SFG Cares

How to help during the Coronavirus

What you can do:

  • Take care of yourself and your family!

  • Be Responsible- Try to limit the impact of the disease by staying at home and distance yourself. You will be helping your doctors and health care providers.

  • Help your Restaurants- Order meals for carryout or delivery.

  • Support the Birmingham Strong Fund. The fund was established to help stabilize employment, stimulate economic vitality, and offset losses related to the Coronavirus. The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham will operate the fund.

  • Stay connected with loved ones, family, co-workers, and friends via phone calls, Facebook, Facetime, letters, and Zoom. 

  • Treasure your time with your immediate family. This is a great time to learn a new hobby, take a walk, play games, fly a kite, listen to music, read books, and enjoy our beautiful spring weather.

  • Check-in on your local business owners and ask how you can best support them.

  • Buy a gift card now for future use. (Dining, Activity, Arts, Shopping, etc.)

  • Donate to the CDC Foundation through the Emergency Response Fund. (1-888-886-4232) or the Center for Disaster Philanthropy- Covid 19-Response Fund.

  • Support your local food banks and senior centers as they distribute meals to senior citizens and the most vulnerable.

  • Donate blood to the American Red Cross

  • Reach out to those who live alone, have health issues, or are immobile.

  • Donate to your museum, zoo, or favorite local arts organization.

  • Send a thank you to Anthony Fauci when this is all over- he has been amazing!!

This is not an all-inclusive list, and SFG is not personally endorsing any organization.


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