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Creating and Preserving Wealth for Generations. 


The goal isn’t more money. The goal is living life on your own terms.


Chris Brogan

About SFG

Strauss Financial Group, Inc. opened its doors in 1988 as an independent, boutique financial advisory firm with one objective-to work for only one boss-you, our client. Creating and Preserving Wealth for Generations is our mission, and we do this by offering objective and personalized financial advice, open communication, and unsurpassed service.

As a fee-based Registered Investment Advisor, Strauss Financial Group operates under a fiduciary standard, which means that all advisors must exhibit the highest form of trust, honesty, and integrity.

With vast experience and a relationship-driven philosophy, SFG has helped clients to reach their financial goals and achieve peace of mind, acting as their resource and guide through life’s journey. Though we wear many hats — including teacher, coach, confidante, economist, and advocate — our main objective is to simplify complex financial decisions, communicate in plain English, listen to your needs, and provide focus, understanding, and solutions.

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Services Offered

Providing guidance every step of the way...

1.)Initial Meeting:

   a.)Get to know you and learn what         is important to you.

   b.)Identify if your needs match our         expertise.

2.)Planning Meeting:

   a.)Assist you in determining your           current and future goals.

   b.)Review your financial                           documents that are essential to

   the planning process.

   c.)Complete risk assessment to               gauge risk preference.

3.)Plan Development:

   a.)Our advisors will integrate your         financial data into our robust                   planning software to analyze                   projected plan success rate and            create alternative scenarios if                  needed.

4.)Financial Plan Presentation:

   a.)Provide a detailed presentation         with findings from our analysis.

   b.)Review action steps needed to           implement the plan.

   c.)Present asset allocation                       recommendations.

5.)Ongoing Monitoring:

   a.)Conducted as needed to review         projected plan success rate and             help you stay on track.

Financial Planning

Asset Management

Philosophy:  SFG relies on both fundamental and quantitative methods of analysis.  SFG is style agnostic and will try to capitalize on the best opportunities and markets while making strategic decisions based on long-term business, economic, political, and demographic trends. The Firm begins the investment analysis with a macro-economic approach looking out over the next one to three years.



  • Start the process by getting an in-depth investment profile

  • We not only look at your risk preference but your financial capacity to withstand volatility

  • Your risk score plus your financial planning goals helps us determine the appropriate investment strategy to meet your current and future needs.

  • Implement the new investment portfolio

  • Look for opportunities to tax loss harvest and rebalance in the future 

  • Types of portfolios: everything from ultra-conservative to hyper-growth 

  • Types of investments: Mutual funds, ETF's stocks, bonds, Real estate, structured notes, private equity/debt, and commission-free annuities

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