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Our Story

Strauss Financial Group was founded by John and Heidi Strauss in 1988. As one of the first husband and wife independent advisory firms in Alabama, they started SFG with one boss: their clients. Over the next three decades, they built the company you see today. Heidi and John sold Strauss Financial Group to their son, Arthur Strauss, CFP®, upon their retirement in 2020.


Arthur joined the firm in 2013. He worked his way to Vice President in 2017 and is now the President and CEO. Strauss Financial Group remains family-owned and instilled with family values. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with honesty and trust as the foundation of our business.


People often ask why we do what we do.


To put it simply, we want to help others. Finances are one of the most critical areas of a person's life and can be complicated and overwhelming. Our duty is to guide and counsel you through your journey while being your trusted partner and resource. We can’t think of a higher professional honor.

Facts about SFG:

  • Approximately 200 Households

  • Average Client Tenure: roughly 15 years

  • Average Client’s Assets: $900,000-$1,000,000

  • Clients located Coast to Coast

  • Custodian: Fidelity

  • High personal touch and powerful technologies

  • 34 years in business

  • Not a 1-800 relationship, dedicated service team

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Lao Tzu

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