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Strauss Financial Group Celebrates 30 Years of Service

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Registered Investment Advisor, Strauss Financial Group, Inc. is proud to be celebrating its 30th year in business. In May of 1988, Heidi and John Strauss opened their full-service financial advisory firm with the mission to create and preserve wealth for generations. One of the first financial husband-wife teams in Birmingham, their goal was to establish an independent, locally-owned, non-transaction based company and work for only one entity - their client.

“We are honored to celebrate this milestone since it represents our resilience in an ever-changing industry” says Heidi. “Our mission was to create a practice based on integrity, objective advice, open communication, and unsurpassed service, while maintaining a work-family balance. Fortunately, our clients embraced our vision.”

“While it is rewarding to look back on our accomplishments, it is even more exciting to look forward” says John. “As we work with our next generation of clients, we have also added our own second generation of top advisors, Arthur Strauss, CFP® and Josh VanFleteren, MBA to lead our company to the next level.”


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