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Wanderlust or Wander MUST?

Who Isn’t Planning a Vacation in 2021??

60% of people surveyed have moved their 2020 trips to 2021- American Express CEO

Since most of us curtailed our travel plans in 2020, the desire for travel in 2021 has only been heightened! In a recent survey, travelers reported that they plan to take as many trips as they did in the years pre-pandemic, and they are expecting more safety, innovation, and value to be provided by the travel industry.

Our time cooped up has made us all crave and appreciate our past travel experiences and all of us would like to make up for lost time.

Introducing our newest Blog Series… Let’s Talk Travel with Lisa Cross!

We are excited to be offering a series of travel blogs from Travel Advisor, Lisa Cross with FTM Travel. She will be highlighting some popular travel destinations, including Arizona, Disney World and many more! Please feel free to email us with locations that you would like to hear more about, and we will try to include them in the future. Here’s to new memories!


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